Posted on 20. April 2011 in Violence & Hate Speech

Tragedy strikes in 3 in Turkey

Again, trans women have been victims to transphobia in Turkey. On April 19th three trans women have been shot in Izmir, Turkey.

From activists in Turkey we received this message:

“Early in the morning at 02.30 a.m., a trans woman [r.b., 36] was shot to death in Izmir, Turkey. She was taken to the hospital just after the gunshot, but she died before reaching at the hospital. other transwomen – m.k. [26] and y.e.[36] – were injured and were taken to the hospital. The attackers were caught by the police.”

Yesterday, we learnt that the two other women also died in the hospital.

Being sad and outraged, we demand a strong response from European Institutions towards their Turkish counterparts and a close follow-up of the following investigation and trial.

News clip (Turkish) from the site: