Posted on 30. July 2020 in Our work, Creating Change, Trans Health

TGEU wishes to bring together trans advocates from Western and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, who are actively working to improve trans people’s experience with healthcare, to support their work and promote the exchange of information, advocacy strategies and best practice. 

Countries and regions often face similar challenges regarding trans people’s access to care. Currently, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the provision of services, especially those that are trans-specific. Pathologisation of trans people is still the norm in most countries. While ICD-11 (the latest edition of the WHO’s International Classification of diseases) has depathologised trans identities, this system still needs to be implemented by countries. However, this process does not necessarily mean that trans people will be treated any differently when trying to access care. Much work is still needed in order to achieve healthcare procedures that are truly compliant with human rights standards. Other issues such as trans people’s care coverage, the lack of resources allocated to these services, access to sexual and reproductive health services, trans care for minors or the recognition of gender identity in these settings are also at stake.

The Trans Health Network will discuss these issues and any other that are relevant to its members. It will be a space for mutual support and exchange of expertise with the goal to increase the impact of the members’ advocacy in their countries or regions. The Network will communicate through email and meet at least once or twice a year. 2020’s meeting/s will be online.

We kindly ask you to apply by downloading the document below, filling it out, and sending it to TGEU will select one or two members per country, depending on the number of applications received. The deadline for applications is 31 of August 2020. You can find more details in the application. Please, reach out to us for further questions.