Posted on 26. October 2010 in Trainings & Workshops

TGEU presents a workshop at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference “Trans Rights in Europe – next steps” on Sat, Oct 30th 11:30 -13:00 (Bel Air Hotel, The Hague, NL).

Trans Rights in Europe: The next steps

Human Rights for trans people are still violated on a daily basis in Europe. Not only hate crimes and violence keeps the trans communities at check but structural discrimination enforces in-human and often degrading treatment on those who want to change documents and leaves many trans people without protection against discrimination. Since July 2009 with Commissioner Hammarberg’s Issue Paper several documents were adopted at EU and Council of Europe level indicating a grown awareness for the human rights dimension of trans issues. It is a positive momentum to advance trans rights in Europe.

However, we have to keep pushing and LGBTI organisations can play a significant role in this. We want to look into key issues identified by Transgender Europe that are strategically important for the years to come. How can recent developments and up-coming opportunities be seized strategically to improve the living situation for trans people in Europe? What are strategies and tools that can be used by LGBTI and other human rights organizations at the national level and with the institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Presenters: Richard Köhler (TGEU), Wiktor Dynarski (TGEU), Carla LaGata (TGEU).


Check the conference program here.