Posted on 1. August 2011 in Country Information

Didem –

Transphobic murder in Istanbul

“I thought that she was a woman, but she was a travesti. After learning this, I killed her.”


With great sadness and anger have we learned that yet another trans woman has been killed in Turkey on 31st of July 2011. This is the info received today from TGEU member organisation Pembe Hayat:

dear friends,

as regards to the murder of didem, today we have more information. the murderer is a 26 years old man, who met with didem on facebook and agreed to have sex by paying her – didem is a sex worker. interestingly, the murderer is a fugitive soldier, named o.f.k.

he was caught by the police just after the murder after the high level of noise coming from the victim. he confessed to the police, “i thought that she was a woman, but she was a travesti. after learning this, i killed her.”

tomorrow, we will have a silent protest in front of the apartment of didem together with the trans community in istanbul at around 18.00 p.m. in findikzade district of istanbul.

here is the link, where you can find the video taken just after the murder, where you can see the murderer and the trans friends of didem.


Our thoughts go out to Didem’s close ones and the Trans and sex worker communities in Turkey.

These transphobic murders and attacks have to stop! Impunity for transphobic murders and attacks needs to be ended now!