Posted on 5. March 2013 in Intersectionality

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Transgender Europe welcomes Creation of European Intersex Human Rights Organization


March 5th 2013


On December 10th 2012, Europe’s first Umbrella-Intersex-NGO was founded during the Second Intersex Forum at Stockholm. Transgender Europe congratulates the founding members to their decision to give intersex persons and their concerns a common platform and cohesive voice at the European level.

OII Europe says in its press release it will work for the respect of intersex people’s human rights at European and national levels, and offer information and training to other NGOs and government bodies. The organization reminds that intersex persons are still exposed to ‘normalization’ practices all over Europe, often outside legal regulation. The new umbrella NGO warns that pathologization of intersex individuals results in gross human rights violations, abusing bodily integrity and personal dignity. TGEU recognizes similar practices of pathologizing, silencing, shaming and socially excluding of trans and intersex people rendering their experiences and existences invisible.

OII Europe commits to a set of human rights principles that were reaffirmed by the 2nd Intersex Forum in Stockholm. Demanding their full Human and Citizenship Rights for intersex persons, the delegates call in particular for: an end to mutilating and ‘normalizing’ practices as well as selective abortion on the grounds of intersex; informed consent of the individual concerned for any medical treatments; supportive and safe spaces as well as psycho-social and peer support for intersex individuals, their families and care providers. Further on, they demand full access to medical records for intersex individuals and the acknowledgement and redress for suffered injustice, caused in the past.

OII Europe pronounces that it will engage with a range of state and non-state actors. Taking up the call from the Forum towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex  –  LGBTI organizations to take intersex issues fully on board, TGEU expresses its support for the human rights struggle of intersex people. Transgender Europe looks forward to work in close partnership with OII Europe and wishes it all the best on its way.





More information on OII Europe is available here:

The full set of demands from the 2nd Intersex Forum can be read here:



TGEU is a European Human Rights Organization with membership in 36 countries working for equality and inclusion of all trans people.



OII defines intersex to refer to a person who “may have the biological attributes of both sexes or lack some of the biological attributes considered necessary to be defined as one or the other sex. Intersex is always congenital and can originate from genetic, chromosomal or hormonal variations. Environmental influences such as endocrine disruptors can also play a role in some intersex differences. The term is not applicable to situations where individuals deliberately alter their own anatomical characteristics.”