Posted on 4. July 2011 in Country Information

Monday 14th March 2011 was a day to remember for Danish trans activism.


For the first time ever a hearing was held in Christiansborg with the focus on healthcare, social policy and human rights for transgender people.

The day was in every respect a huge success. There were a number of speeches that highlighted the situation. Among those participating, Karin Astrup and Maria Sundin spoke on the dilemma whether transsexual people are sick versus the requirement to have Sex Reassignment Surgeries paid by public funds.

Pia Nielsen spoke about the TVT project and the Hammarberg report. Denmark is among the countries in Europe that hardly complies with Mr. Hammarberg’s recommendations for Human Rights for transgender people

100 people participated and consisted of politicians, specialist from various authorities and transgender people.

It was notable that a number of various media also participated – Danish Television (DR), Ritzaus Bureau, Berlingske Tidende (one of the largest newspapers in Denmark), Modkraft (LGBT newspaper) and other journalists.

The main organiser of the hearing, Irene Haffner, was interviewed by the main TV channel in Denmark in Prime Time and I was myself interviewed by 2 radio channels

That has led to a number of articles in various newspapers and on some websites. One is the following (in Danish):

Pia Nielsen