Posted on 29. March 2012 in Resources


[German] The Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation has started supporting LGBT projects, e. g. the exhibition “Trans*_Homo. Of lesbian, trans*, gay and other normalcies”.

[German] The Green Party invites the public to debate with MPs Volker Beck and Marret Bohn about Green politics for LGBTI people. It’s tomorrow (Friday) at 7 pm in the Lübeck town hall. Everyone who takes part –> a report would be nice 🙂

[English] A liberal MP has lambasted the founder of an ultra-conservative radio station after he called Poland’s first transsexual MP “an abnormality”.,Radio-Maryja-founder-in-transsexual-MP-row

[Russian/English] The so-called LGBT censorship laws have been introduced into the Russian State Duma today. They ‘only’ speak about homosexuality and the propaganda to minors and are a watered-down version of the laws adopted by St. Petersburg and other regions. Still, anything public is forbidden,
Here’s all relevant documents in Russian:

[Swedish] A Swedish study from 2008 to 2011 shows that LGBT adolescents aged 16 to 24 often have “bad habits” and live rather unhealthily. There is a comparatively high percentage of young LGBT people with obesity, there’s a tendency to consume alcohol, and risky gambling is more popular. Smoking is more popular as well.–homo–eller-transsexuella-personer-har-samre-levnadsvanor,c9238385