Posted on 8. April 2012 in Resources


[Albanian+Videos] The LGBT-phobic utterances of Albanian Vice Defense Minister Ekrem Spahiu, namely that they should be beaten with rubber sticks, led to an intense debate in Albania. Politician Murat Basha, LGBT activists and reknown human rights defenders like Delina Dico appeared in a TV show this week to debate what happened. During the debate, Xheni Karaj had a spontaneous coming-out, and Murat Basha told Kristi Pinderi he should cut his throat. When asked what he would do in case his son was gay, he said several times: “I would shoot him in the head.” The show had very high viewing figures, topping the former record holder (Big Brother Albania’s final night) by 16%. Here is the complete show:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
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Part 9:
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[German] Green Member of Parliament Volker Beck asked Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle to ‘wake up’, follow Hillary Clinton’s example and finally fight for the rights of LGBT people in the European Union. Shame and reluctance are completely out of place when fighting for human rights, Beck said.