Posted on 3. July 2012 in Resources

[English] Amnesty International published a report and a short video documentation on hate crimes against Bulgarian LGBT people.

[English] The International Commission of Jurists and ILGA-Europe produced a joint briefing about legislative proposals and laws banning “homosexual propaganda”.

[English] Report by ILGA-Europe on the situation of LGBTI human rights activists in Europe.

In 2010, a group of young trans* and inter* people came together in a summer camp to discuss their visions on a future in which they will be guaranteed equal rights. Fruit of this meeting was the publication of “Muu, mikä – transnuorten visio 2020”. Their vision has now been translated into English. Et voilà:

[German] A position paper on reforming the Transsexual Act (TSG), written by trans people from all over Germany, has been put online.

[German] In a consultation of the German Federal Committee Family Affairs on Monday afternoon experts called for expanding the right of self-determination for intersex people, explaining that being intersex is not an illness.

[German] The Women’s Council published a study on discrimination: LBT women are faced with disadvantages.

[English] A West Cork cross dresser has called for greater public awareness on transgender issues. Stuart, who is also identified as Stella, told the Cork News that more education is needed to improve the rights of trans people, allowing them to be more widely accepted and respected in the community.

[English] Three out of five people believe lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Scots still face public prejudice, according to a poll commissioned by a gay rights charity.

[English] An ultranationalist group attempted to attack participants in Turkey’s third transsexual pride parade in Istanbul’s central Taksim Square on June 24, but police stopped the group before anyone suffered serious injuries.

[English] Portrayal of trans people in Turkish films, or lack thereof.