Posted on 11. July 2012 in Resources

[German] With the Trans-Kinder-Netz (= trans children network) there’s a new contact point in Germany for trans children and their parents. An international group of parents and relatives of underage trans children is offering counsel and information.

[German] The results of the study on the living situation of trans people in North Rhine-Westphalia have been published.

[English] The programme for next month’s LGBT film festival “GAZE” has been announced. The festival will be held in Dublin from August 2 through 6. Movies with trans relevance are: The Buck Angel Effect, Facing Mirrors, Leave It on the Floor, Sexing the Transman, Trans.

[German/French] In Luxembourg, minors are currently being surveyed about their living situation. Questions also include possible problems for LGBT minors. Should you know LGBT minors in Luxembourg, you’re welcome to point them to this survey.

[English] Society has surpassed politicians in the fight for wider LGBT solidarity, according to rights activist Gabi Calleja.

[Portuguese] An interview with Spanish trans woman, actress and activist Carla Antonelli on the occasion of her visit to Portugal.

[Swedish] A 61-year-old man has attempted to rape a woman. Since his victim was a transwoman without vagina, the judge said the rape couldn’t be “completed” and thus the man faced much lesser charges, namely, physical mistreatment instead of rape.

[German] On the 15th of August and 5th of September the HAB and the Berne cantonal police are conjointly organising a course about self-assertion for LGBT people. The course is free, but participants are asked to enrol beforehand.

[English+Video] In the context of London’s World Pride, an impressive video was made for the public. Gay people worldwide are exposed to persecution (sadly the video really only centers on gay people). How would you feel if YOU were regarded illegal? If you were suddenly excluded, spit at or beaten just because of your blue eyes, brown hair or body size?

[English] Prof. Kevin Wylie, consultant in sexual medicine at Sheffields Porterbrook Clinic: “We have seen a change across society in the last 15 years. Society has become much more understanding of transgender issues.”