Posted on 24. July 2012 in Resources

[English] The European Commission has said in a written note that respect for LGBT rights is a legal criterion for EU accession.

[English] The Open Society Foundations are reporting about the state of LGBTI rights in Eastern Europe: “Between Hope and Despair”.

[German] The fourth “Rainbow Philantropy” symposium is taking place on October 1 in Berlin. Central issues are foundation practice, strategies and projects against persecution and discrimination of people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. You can find the full program here:

[English] A trans law proposal allows for a change of documents but not for gender assignment surgery which, according to Antanas Matulas, Chairman of the Committee on Health Affairs in the Lithuanian Parliament, is ‘supernatural’ and ‘immoral’.

[English] A new protocol issued by the Scottish Government is set to revolutionise the way trans people are served by the health system. Treatment will be faster and more flexible, with guaranteed minimum standards of care. It will also be easier for trans people to take charge of the direction of their treatment.

[English] A Colombian transsexual has been denied asylum in Spain. According to El Diaro De Cádiz, the National Court ruled that the individual only wanted to avoid deportation from Spain.

[English] Russian trans asylum seeker, Lita, who is currently in hiding somewhere in Sweden, narrowly escaped being caught last week. But her partner and boyfriend Anton was apprehended by police and is now in deportation prison in Flen, from where he will shortly be removed to Russia.