Posted on 7. August 2012 in Resources

[English] The French parliament unanimously adopted new legislation, making sexual harassment a criminal offence. The law also covers moral harassment in the workplace and transphobia.

[French] A Canadian couple visiting Paris – one of them a transwoman – was beaten up in the open. The couple attacking them allegedly said that the transwoman was a guy whose testicles were removed, they opened the window of their car to let their pit bull and rottweiler “get them”. The Canadian couple was beaten to the ground with blows and kicks to their faces, the transwoman was almost strangled with her own necklace. Onlookers didn’t help them, some of them saying they probably should return to their own country.

[German] The Berliner Trans*Tagung (Berlin Trans* Conference) will take place in Berlin from October 12 to 14.

[English+Audio] WorldIrish recently did an interview with TENI’s Broden Giambrone – he talks about the transgender community, the lack of meaningful inclusion and being a trans guy from Canada living in Ireland in 2012.

[English] A 40-year-old transgendered Italian was stabbed in via Rosellini in the Isola area of Milan shortly after midnight and was hospitalized in serious conditions.

[English] The United Nations pointed out weaknesses in Lithuania’s human rights record, amongst them discrimination against LGBT people.

[Russian] Since November 2011, the Russian LGBT Network is conducting a survey among Russian LGBT people to get an overview on the extend of human rights violations and discrimination. The survey ends on August 30th 2012, all Russian LGBT people are cordially invited to participate.

[English] The Satori Global Transgender Program – among other things helping fund gender reassignment surgeries – now has a partner in Serbia: Dr. Miroslaw Djordjewitsch.

[English] The LGBT community in Slovakia will see its dream of having a committee at the Government Council for Human Rights, Minorities, and Gender Equality come true. Members of the council voted to establish the committee for the LGBT community at their first meeting.

[German+Audio] Transman Nik from the Swiss city Thun had an interview with gayRadio.

[English] The University of Surrey is conducting a study on people’s experiences with language that describes gender. The link leads to the survey, completing it may take up to 25 minutes.