Posted on 13. November 2012 in Resources

[Danish] Denmark ponders establishing a service which would help trans children with blocking puberty and counteracting it with hormones. This possible service would accompany trans children.

[English] Members of the European Parliament are expressing doubts over the nomination of Tonio Borg to replace John Dalli at the European Commission. Centrist and progressive MEPs question his views on women’s rights and LGBT rights.

[English] On November 13, Members of the European Parliament examined Tonio Borg’s bid to join the European Commission. MEPs express very mixed feelings after a 3-hour interview on the public health, environment and consumer protection portfolio.

[French] French newspaper Le Monde is commemorating intersex man Herculine Barbin, born in 1838, recounting stories from his life and the lives of other intersex people. Subsequently, there is a longer report on the topic of intersexuality.

[German] Report about the organization TransInterQueer e.V. in Berlin.

[English] Ireland, where it’s okay to be gay but tough to be trans: report about four international activists.

[Russian] The organisation Выход (“Coming Out”), Радуга (“Rainbow”) and the Russian LGBT Network presented a report to the UN Committee against Torture, among other topics portraying the situation of trans people forced to undergo certain medical procedures in order to change their identification documents.

[English] Swedish rights organization RFSL is demanding Sweden pay damages to sex change candidates forced by law to undergo sterilization in order to qualify for gender corrective surgery.

[English] Sweden’s Göta Court of Appeal overturned a previous decision in a rape case in which the victim was a transgendered woman. The October 2012 decision was issued a year after the crime and changed the July 2012 Örebro District Court determination in the case. In the appeal decision, the accused was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 months and ordered to pay compensation of SEK40,000 (about US$6,000).

[German] The National Ethics Committee in Switzerland presented its statement about intersex.

[German] There were several articles accompanying above statement.

[English] An awful article by The Christian Institute about 18-year-old Ria / Brad Cooper, including lines like “Children need to be allowed to grow into adults before they go through with something like a sex change because, as this case shows, at that age you don’t know yourself well enough.”