Posted on 28. November 2012 in Resources

[English] The Dutch-medium Brussels Institute of Higher Education University HUB has banned its students from wearing drag as part of student fraternity initiation rituals. The ban comes after a male student was robbed and raped by a group of youths in Brussels last month.

[English] Members of Bulgaria’s LGBT community presented Thursday their call for an introduction of a right for citizens to determine their gender based on their feeling of identity.

[English] The European Commission has published its latest survey on discrimination in the EU, including on grounds of sexual orientation and for the first time gender identity. No significant change has been recorded in the last three years.

[English] Two students have been charged in connection with an attack on a transgender woman in Brighton.

[English] Quote from the article: “Cooper, who claimed to be a transsexual,pleaded guilty to rape and other offenses against the schoolgirl and another 15-year-old girl, from Coventry.”

[English] Transgirl Jackie Green is the focus of a new BBC documentary, which follows her though the heats of a beauty pageant, the prestige of which she wants to use to become a role model for young trans people.

[English] The UN approved a draft resolution Tuesday that for the first time acknowledges the need to protect individuals from extrajudicial executions on the basis of their gender identity.

[English] UN Human Rights Committee passed a landmark ruling saying a Russian law against ‘homosexual propaganda’ is discriminatory, violates the basic right for freedom of expression and unconstitutional