Posted on 9. January 2013 in Resources

[German] The German Government has no knowledge about the current number and ‘saturation’ of interdisciplinary competence centres for intersex people resp. people with ‘disorders of sex development’, and it hasn’t yet formed a final opinion on the matter. This is the official reaction (17/11855) to the Green Party’s minor interpellation (17/11624) about the implementation of the recommendations given by the German Ethics Council regarding intersex medical aspects.

[German] Report about transwoman Pamela Halling: After 38 years of living as a family man and staff sergeant, Guido Halling transitioned into her true self, Pamela. She is now happy but also desperate, because she is given no chance on the job market. Many managers would act differently if there was more education on the topic, Pamela said.

[German] Issue no. 3 of the “Queerulant_in” periodical concentrates on trans* and gender identity.

[English] Athens Pride made a press release on Greece’s new Hate Crime Units which will not prevent its citizens on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

[English] The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) and Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) have revealed what matters they have received most complaints about last year. The advertisement which received the most complaints last year was Paddy Power’s ‘Ladies Day at Cheltenham’, which asked viewers to spot whether women in the video were born female or were transgendered. “Separate the stallions from the mares,” the voice over said.

[English] Smadar Reisfeld wrote quite a lengthy article about intersex people: While medical options are greater than in the past, intersex people often endure a lifetime of suffering. You need to register (free of charge) to get to the article.

[English] Police have arrested a 36-year-old Rome man after a transsexual prostitute was attacked with a chainsaw. The victim was taken to hospital after suffering serious injuries to both hands.

[Portuguese+Videos] A collection of twelve LGBT videos, all of which stirred up Portugal in the last year.

[English] Turkish activists claim: Turkey’s own progress report to the European Union ignores repeated critique of the country’s failure to protect LGBT people.

[English] German-born transsexual actress/singer/performer Ayta Sözeri plays the role of the first transsexual character in Turkish series.

[English] GaydarRadio, the UK’s largest station for the LGBT community, has announced it is leaving the radio business after more than ten years on air.

[English] A self-confessed soccer hooligan has turned her back on the macho world of terrace violence to undergo her transition.

[English] Britain’s first transsexual doctor is under investigation following complaints that he provided inappropriate treatment to patients wishing to change gender.

[German] “Our Lady of the Assumption”, one of the churches in the London district Soho, held regular services for Catholic homosexuals, bisexuals and trans* people for six years. These so-called “Soho masses” are not appropriate in the view of Archbishop Vincent Nichols, so he did away with them.