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[German] Peter Traschkowitsch demands the recognition of intersex people: “The topic of intersex faces strong social taboos. Knowledge about intersex is scarce, with the only exception being professional circles. Intersex stays hidden in everyday life because it’s a) a taboo and b) medicine ‘treats’ the people concerned.”

[English] Amnesty International is concerned that flaws persist in the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes, and that intolerance and prejudices against LGBT people have not been effectively tackled by state authorities. Here, Amnesty International makes recommendations to both government and city authorities.

[English] 20 Finnish civil society organisations demand gender reassignment law reform in an open letter to the Finnish government.

[English] Berlin has an LGBT housing project spanning all age groups.

[German] A health insurance provider declined covering the costs for facial feminisation surgery for a transwoman. She sued her insurance but lost.

[German] “I’m lucky to be confident enough” — report about transwoman Josephine Jochmann.

[English] The first steps in legislating for gender recognition are expected to be taken next year, according to a letter from the Department of the Taoiseach.

[English] 73% of the LGBT population has experienced some form of discrimination or prejudice, predominantly in the academic environment, according to a new Italian study.

[English] Latvian Prosecutor General Ēriks Kalnmeiers has said that there should be a discussion in Latvia about the criminalization of hateful comments against such social groups as the LGBT people, pensioners and disabled people.

[English] On November 2, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Moldova has confirmed the right of transgender people to gender mark change in documents.

[English] Moscow City Court has upheld the ruling against holding a gay parade in the Russian city despite it breaking European law.

[German] Interview with transman and ragga musician Msoke.

[English] Travelers, disabled people and transgender people face “disproportionately high levels of prejudice” in Scotland, according to a human rights body.

[English] Scottish Human Rights Commission launches National Action Plan to tackle ‘high levels’ of transphobia.

[English] Transwomen and firefighter Katie is hoping to win a national competition to become the new face of Rank advertising.

[English] Transwoman Giovanna Del Nord was punched and knocked unconscious within moments of walking into a Leicester pub.

[English] From November 5 through 30, there is an online discussion on development and rights of LGBTI people: a collaborative effort between the Global Thematic Consultation on Addressing Inequalities (co-led by UNICEF and UN Women), the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the LGBT rights advocacy organization ARC International.
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