Posted on 16. March 2016 in Press

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) today launched their report “Professionally speaking: challenges to achieving equality for LGBT people” [1]. The report, which looks at the role of professionals in education, healthcare and law enforcement in the protection of LGBT persons’ fundamental rights clearly shows that there are still many transphobic beliefs and misconceptions which manifest themselves in negative attitudes across sectors.

Richard Kohler, TGEU’s senior policy officer, present at the report launch at the European Parliament said “TGEU welcomes the report. The results are disquieting, showing negative social attitudes, stereotypes and out-dated knowledge prevailing in public authorities.”

Trans people fear experiencing criticism, marginalisation and rejection when accessing services. For example, in accessing general healthcare, unrelated to their gender identity, trans people continue to face barriers which include being considered mentally ill, being called by the wrong name, being placed in single-sex hospital wards according to the gender assigned at birth and not according to their gender identity, and being refused care. Resulting in discomfort, and trans people avoiding or putting off accessing healthcare.

The report makes clear that awareness of trans issues is still low, and not a priority in national policies or planning. When policies exist, these are often not properly applied.

Finally, Kohler added “Member states and the EU institutions should swiftly take pro-active measures to ensure trans people are treated respectfully and competent in public offices, schools, by law enforcement and healthcare providers.”


[1] The report looks closer at the role public officials, and other professionals in education, healthcare and law enforcement play in ensuring that everyone’s fundamental rights are protected and promoted:

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Transgender or Trans is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth.