TGEU submitted a report containing a collection of transphobic hate crimes and hate incidents that took place during 2014 and were recorded and verified by TGEU and its partner organizations for the OSCE ODIHR Hate Crime Reporting. The submission contains the description of transphobic hate crimes: criminal acts motivated by bias or prejudice towards trans people. Click here to access the full report.

Most of the cases were documented within the framework of the ProTrans project, which aims to document violent and discriminatory cases against trans people in Central-Eastern Europe and provide support for the victims/survivors, and the Trans Murder Monitoring project (TMM), a systematic collection, monitoring and analysis of reported killings of gender-variant/trans people worldwide. The submission also contains cases from the STAD campaign of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI). The STAD project raises awareness about transphobic violence in Ireland and enables the trans community to report hate crimes and incidents in a safe environment and without fear of ridicule or discrimination. Other sources of information include police and media reports.

This infographic summarizes the cases from the submission: