Posted on 5. October 2012 in Country Information

Ukrainian Parliament adopts homo- and transphobic law in 1st reading Ukrainian LGBT activist attacked
(summer 2012)

Ukraine: homo- and transphobic law underway


The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted on 2nd Oct in 1st reading legal proposal bill # 8711. Once adopted the law  prohibits any public dissemination of information relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. This is a serious infringement on the right to information and renders the work of civil society organizations in these areas illegal.

Transgender Euroep – TGEU is very concerned about these developments and has asked prime Minsiter Azarov, President Yanukovich and Minister for Foreign Affairs Gryshchenko to stop this dangerous development that is playing with populist sentiments.

Read the letter TGEU sent to Prime Minister Azarov here.

Read more about the information on the legal proposal on the website of TGEU member organisation NGO “Insight”.