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Notice of vacancy
TGEU Steering Committee Member

Closing date

Only applications sent by e-mail to before 8 January, 2019, 19:00 Central European Time, will be considered.
21:00 Moscow, Russia Time
23:59 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Time


Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a member-based organisation working primarily in Europe and Central Asia for the rights and lives of trans people. TGEU aims to strengthen the trans movement through advocacy, campaigning, researching, community building, and networking with alliances, and represents more than 112 member organisations in 44 countries.

Steering Committee Member description

The Steering Committee consists of nine members, including the two Co-chairs, who are responsible of the organisation’s governance between General Assemblies (a period of about 2 years).

The Steering Committee’s role is to oversee the organisation’s work and its direction, implement decisions taken by the General Assembly as well as prepare the next General Assembly, take positions on matters important to TGEU’s work, represent the network, and add a membership-based and more long-term perspective. The Steering Committee is not in charge of the day to day activities; this is in the hands of the employed Staff. The Staff and the Steering Committee support each other in their work.

TGEU Steering Committee and Co-chairs are elected by the General Assembly to reflect as much as possible the regional origins and gender variation of TGEU’s membership as well as equipping TGEU to fight barriers to access and increase representation of underrepresented groups. When a Steering Committee member steps down between General Assemblies, a new Steering Committee member can join by filling in the following application.

Key activities

Candidates who get elected to the Steering Committee, including Co-chairs, can expect:
  • to be a representative of Transgender Europe (TGEU)
  • to exchange in a collaborative and diverse team of trans activists;
  • to implement their knowledge in shaping the future of the trans movement in Europe and Central Asia;
  • to travel about 4 times a year, usually to Berlin, Germany, for live meetings of the TGEU Steering Committee and Staff (costs covered for meetings: travel, accommodation, food/per diems);
  • to meet online with the Steering Committee about once per month;
  • fully covered opportunities for training and attending conferences;
  • to participate in the Council and General Assembly at the end of the term (2020) with all costs covered.

Ideal candidates for the Steering Committee should:

  • be well-connected to trans communities in their regions and have been involved in trans organising on a local, national, regional or international level;
  • be eager to represent and amplify the voices of the diverse trans communities in Europe and Central Asia;
  • be willing to learn, unlearn and challenge normative narratives,
    have experience in being part of an activist group or leading this group;
  • have an understanding of intersectional approaches
    be ready to dedicate up to 20 hours per month to TGEU, and participate in online-based and live meetings;
  • be fluent in spoken and written English (does not have to be perfect, but good enough to do all the work in English, the working language of TGEU);
  • have internet access and be comfortable with standard internet-based communication (regular online voice meetings, mailing-lists, emails and document sharing), support with using these tools can be provided;
  • be able to travel abroad occasionally for meetings, and potentially for conferences (help with obtaining visas will be provided and travel costs, accommodation and food/per diems will be covered).

Accessibility of TGEU's offices

TGEU’s offices are partially accessible for wheelchair users: there is a steep ramp from the street down to the elevator; once inside, all the rooms are situated on one level and the office doors and corridors are very wide; the toilets are on the same level but the doors are too narrow to allow access when using a wheelchair.

Application procedure

To apply, please download and complete the application pack:


7 December 2018
8 January 2019
31 January 2019
February 2019

Launch of the call
Deadline for receiving applications, 19:00 CET
Decision communicated to all applicants
Joining TGEU’s Steering Committee

Please send your application before 8 January 2019, 19:00 Central European Time.

21:00 Moscow, Russia Time 23:59 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Time