“Trans kids need to be listened to, we don’t have a disorder and you can’t change us.”

This is Willa’s message on the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologisation.

Meet Willa Naylor, she’s a 7 year old trans activist from Malta, and together with her parents, Bex & James, she is campaigning against the pathologisation of gender diversity in childhood. Thanks to the changes in Malta’s legal gender recognition, trans persons in Malta do not need to provide proof of psychiatric or psychological treatment in order to change gender legally.

Unfortunately this is not quite the case everywhere else, and gender diversity in childhood is being pathologised by the World Health Organisation in their International Classification of Diseases. This means that unlike Willa in Malta, many trans children have to go through stigmatising procedures in order to be recognised, and they are not listened to at all.

Willa is fully respected and accepted at home and at school, and she believes that this is what all trans kids need. 

Willa is also the youngest member of the trans organisation Gender Liberation in Malta, and her parents are family support officers within the same organisation.