Posted on 15. June 2011 in Country Information

protest Yasar must stay


Asylum case of Turkish trans woman in Austria will be re-opened

With great relief have we heard the news from Austria, that Yasar was granted protection from deportation and that her asylum case will be re-opened. The manifold protest in solidarity with her from within Austria and internationally have been successful.

This is what Austrian Trans activists from Trans X wrote on their website yesterday afternoon:

Today at 6 p.m. we could embosom Yasar. It was a nail-biter until the end. Ultimately it was decided that the new asylum application (follow-up application) will be considered and for this time a protection against deportation was granted.
We arrived at home now and Yasar is looking forward to slip back into her true female shape. The trembling and hiding is over. More info tomorrow.

Thanks a lot to everybody who helped with power and solidarity to set Yasar free!

TGEU and TransX would like to thank everybody who wrote to the Austrian Authorities, shared the news or simply thought about Yasar.

Follow Yasar’s case also throughout her asylum-case that will be re-opened through TransX.

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