Our vision

TGEU (Transgender Europe) envisions Europe, Central Asia and the rest of the world free from discrimination, where each person can live according to their gender identity and gender expression without interference and where trans people are respected and valued. TGEU works towards this vision through advocacy work, community building and monitoring projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to give trans people a voice and platform in Europe, Central Asia and also the rest of the world. We advocate for trans rights and social justice, raise awareness on issues trans people face and support a strong trans movement in collaboration with others. Through our mission, we understand intersectionality as key to our actions.

Our values

We endeavour to build an atmosphere of kindness, trust, safety, appreciation, and cooperation, and emphasise celebrating the resilience and diversity within our communities. Our overarching aim is having the direction of our work set by people directly affected by the issues at hand. Read our guiding values statement here.

TGEU is a member-based organisation created in 2005. Since then, TGEU has kept growing and established itself as a legitimate voice for the trans community in Europe and Central Asia with 152 member organisations in 46 different countries. Today, TGEU has an office in Berlin, Germany, as well as a team of 10 members of staff and a Board.

Our team

TGEU Board 2019 - 2020

The Board (formerly “Steering Committee) is elected every 2 years by our membership and is the governing body of the organisation. On 12 October 2019 TGEU held an extraordinary General Assembly electing an Interim Board with a term until the 2020 Council. The current Board members are:

Tanja von Knorring

TRASEK, Finland

Chairperson of Transgender political committee of SETA – LGBTI Finland, board member in Trasek and array of other LGBTI associations, Tanja is an active Transgender rights defender, having specialized in the international transgender legislation. Tanja is used to talks on EU/EC level, and does that also for her daily work as Executive Director for the academic society, The Finnish Traffic and Transportation Planning Association. Tanja has been for 36 consecutive years as CEO or manager for companies, organizations and state body’s, and bring thus to TGEU an excellent management expertise.

Tina Kolos Orban

Transvanilla, Hungary

Tina Kolos Orban, was born, raised and based in Hungary coming from a working class background. Tina Kolos has been active in the LGBT movement since 2005 before the founding of Transvanilla Transgender Association in 2011. They first joined TGEU’s Steering Committee for four years in 2014. Also served on the International Trans Fund’s Grant Making Panel for 2 years.

Olena Semenova

Individual member, Ukraine

Olena Semenova is a Ukrainian born LGBTQI human rights activist and a Doctor of Medicine, a person that identifies as a politically non-conforming and a bigender individual. S_he has over 20 years of experience in the fields of human rights activism, HIV prevention and health services for LGBTQ, and advocacy for LGBTQI freedoms. Since 1996, Olena has been involved in the LGBT movement as an activist, founder, and employee of several LGBTQ nonprofit organisations.

vreer verkerke

Trans United, Netherlands

Vreer Verkerke is a human rights educator and founder of trans* health care and human rights collective “Principle 17” www.principle17.org. They are also assistant city councillor in Amsterdam at the intersectional left wing party BIJ1 (“United”). Previously they served dorm 2012 to 2018 on the Steering Committee of TGEU. Vreer also serves as a board member on the Bisi Alimi foundation for LGBTI rights in Nigeria.

Cat Mcllroy

Individual member, Sweden

As former Coordinator of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), former Co-Chair of TGEU, and co-founder and former Chairperson of Trans Fest Stockholm, Cat has been actively engaged in a number of local, national, and international trans community organisations in Europe over the past 12 years, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in governance and organisational management, and working collaboratively with diverse perspectives and identities.

Erika Castellanos

Trans United, Netherlands

Erika Castellanos is an HIV positive transgender activists from Belize residing in the Netherlands. Erika is the Director of Programs at GATE, Global Action for Trans* Equality. Erika is currently enrolled at AIU studying International Relations and Diplomacy. She speaks English and Spanish.

Jorge María Londoño

RFSL Ungdom, Sweden

Jorge María Londoño has been active in queer and LGBTQ-activism since 2013. Their value-based activism has been shaped by anti-racist, post-colonial, and queer feminist approach to trans/queer activism. They were born in Colombia but are now based in southern Sweden. Jorge María work with youth and child rights and has a background as a Board Member of IGLYO (2017-2019). They are currently chairing Youth Against Racism Sweden.

Júlia Mendes Pereira

Ação Pela Identidade, Portugal

Júlia is a transfeminist advocate, based in Lisbon and Viseu, Portugal. Júlia is a trained victim support professional, working with gender-based violence. A pionneer transgender politician, she worked closely on the new Portuguese legislation on gender selfdetermination. Academically, she is formed in Portuguese and Brazillian studies, and is writing her thesis about transmisogyny and feminicide. She is the co-founder of Action for Identity, an interseccional organization working on Portuguese-speaking countries.

Mimi Aum Neko

Acceptess-T, France

Active member of Acceptess-T and Strass (Sexworkers’ trade union) Mimi began her LGBTQI activism 12 years ago against the military coup d’Etat in Thailand. Threathened by the military regime, she seeked asylum in France and started to fight against transphobia, racism, HIV and stigmas, poverty and dictatorship for the rights of trans migrants and sex workers.

Staff Team

Masen Davis

Interim Executive Director

Masen Davis is the interim Executive Director at TGEU. He has been advocating for trans rights since 1998 and has spent more than twelve years leading LGBT organisations. His previous work includes serving as CEO of Freedom for All Americans; Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center; and interim co-director of GATE. Masen was one of the founding co-chairs of the International Trans Fund and continues to serve on the board of GATE. He received his Master of Social Welfare from UCLA, and Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University. On a rare day off, he can often be found at the park with his scrappy terrier, Rex.

Languages: English and basic Spanish.

Moritz G. Sander

Operations Director

Moritz has been an active member of the Berlin trans community for over ten years and has been TGEU’s Financial Senior Officer for 5 years before becoming Operations Director. Moritz brings excellent knowledge of finances and regulations in the German context.

Moritz also worked as an assistant director for two theatre companies and is a people’s person. Before joining TGEU Moritz was employed as a management assistant in a consultancy institute.

Languages: German, English, some French and Spanish.

Richard Köhler

Senior Policy Officer

Richard oversees TGEUs policy and advocacy work at the European level and has been a trans activist for more than a decade. Starting with TGEU as a member of the steering committee he has continuously initiated change to develop the structure and policy of TGEU drawing from his wide experience in international project management and NGO consultancy. Richard has a background in International Business Administration with specialization on NGOs in Russian-speaking countries.

Languages: German, English, Russian, some French, basic Turkish.

Lukas Berredo

TvT Project Coordinator

Born and raised in Brazil, Lukas has been a gender diversity activist and educator since 2006 in Brazil, Chile, China, and now Germany. He is the human of rescued dog Willy.

Lukas received a Master’s Degree in “International Relations” from The University of Nottingham, and studied “LGBT Health Policy & Practice” at the George Washington University.

Lukas coordinates TGEU’s work on a global level, in particular in the framework of the Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) project.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and basic German and Chinese Mandarin.

Sanjar Kurmanov

CACEE Project Manager

Sanjar is from Kyrgyzstan and worked several years as Executive Director of Labrys, Kyrgyzstan’s main LGBTQIA organisation. Sanjar built his expertise on legal gender recognition as well as developing partnerships with the sex workers movement, drug users and community building in Kyrgyzstan.

Sanjar has been part of the PROtrans project from the beginning and will ensure the coordination of the project, monitoring discrimination and violence against trans people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English

Anwar Ogrm

Community Building Officer

Anwar is an activist from France, combining different struggles, such as queer and trans rights, gender equality and anti-racism. Back in Paris, Anwar was engaged in several grassroots organisations addressing racism as well as queerphobia from an intersectional perspective. 

Advocacy work and empowerment for queer and trans Muslim people is one of his priorities. As Community Building officer, Anwar organises different trainings, partnerships and membership work.

Languages: French, English, German, Moroccan Dialect

Leo Mulió Alvarez

Health Officer

Leo comes from Spain, with a background as psychologist working with trans communities and as a trainer on gender diversity. Most of his activism has been supporting the development of Legal Gender Recognition in Spain, with a focus on self determination. 

In his position as Health Officer, Leo is committed to raise awareness on depathologisation of trans identities, working towards it and making healthcare accessible for all trans people. Joining TGEU, improving the health and wellbeing of the community is one of his main goals.

Languages: Spanish and English.

Milena Papakoch

Operations Officer

Milena was born in North Macedonia and lived many years in Bulgaria and Greece. S_he is an LGBTI activist and is involved in many informal support groups in the Balkans. Milena has great experience and expertise in operational matters. Before joining TGEU, Milena worked for the leading human rights organisations in North Macedonia as a Finance Officer and Finance Manager. Milena also has experience in Social Entrepreneurship and services for marginalised groups. Milena received an MBA in European Management from ESCEM, France.

Languages: Macedonian, English, Bulgarian, ex Yugoslav (Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian) and basic Greek

Miles Rutendo

Communications Consultant

Founder of Queerstion Media, Miles is a journalist  and brings 10 years of experience within media & communication, LGBTQ and migration activism.

Miles has worked previously for RFSL as coordinator  for a Global LGBT Leadership training Rainbow Leaders  as well as Editor for Soginews global LGBT news site.

Miles wants to amplify the voices of trans asylum seekers and refugees in Europe and intersectional perspectives through activism and journalism where he has more than 10 years of experience.

Languages: Shona, Swedish, English

Jonas Hamm

Policy Officer

Jonas became first involved in trans activism in 2011 on a local level in Bremen, where he co-founded a trans organisation for strategic litigation as well as legal and financial assistance for trans people seeking justice in the courts. He was later part of a broad coalition to found a national trans association in Germany and has been doing advocacy work on a national level since then, working for legal gender recognition based on self-determination. He received a Master in Sexuality Studies from Hochschule Merseburg and a Bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies and English from University of Bremen. He is a certified systemic counsellor and has been working in a Berlin-based organisation as a trans counsellor for five years before joining TGEU.

Languages: German, English, some French.


Find here TGEU statutes, activity reports, strategic plan and policies, and a fact sheet.
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