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Since TGEU was established in 2005, we have grown to become a legitimate voice for the trans community in Europe and Central Asia.

We rely on trans organisations and groups throughout this region to guide our direction and ensure that we accurately represent the needs of a diverse trans community.

TGEU, and our members, are committed to building a world where trans people can prosper. We view this as an intersectional fight, including racial equality, women’s rights, sex worker’s rights, and more.

Why join TGEU?

TGEU fosters a network of organisations and individuals advocating for trans rights. This network makes us stronger – and ensures that TGEU’s own advocacy efforts reflect the needs and desires of our communities.

How do members shape TGEU’s direction?

We prioritise the voices of our members, and seek to amplify your needs. Members can get involved in several ways:

  • Vote for our Board and Co-Chairs — TGEU is governed by a Board consisting of six Members and two Co-Chairs. Every two years, members vote for a new Board from our community. Members can also apply to become Board Members.
  • Guide our Strategy — Every two years, members review and approve TGEU’s strategic direction. You can read our current strategy here.
  • Join European and Central Asian Trans Council — TGEU organises the Council. It is the largest gathering of trans activists in Europe and Central Asia. Every two years, this gathering serves to both set the agenda for trans politics and celebrate trans joy. All TGEU members are invited to attend. We provide a limited number of scholarships to help cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

All of this shapes the research we conduct and how we advocate for laws that promote trans rights, wellbeing, and a world where trans people can thrive.

What support do TGEU members receive?

  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Community organising
  • Event management
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Facilitation and moderation

TGEU is only possible due to the broader trans community and fight for trans rights. We are here to support our members in growing and sustaining.

Who can be a TGEU member?

​​TGEU’s members are trans organisations and individuals in Europe and Central Asia. These groups fully participate in setting our direction and receive all our benefits. 

However, we also strive to advocate for rights that impact other groups. Organisations that are not trans-focused, such as LGB groups, or organisations outside of Europe and Central Asia, are still eligible to join as supporting members. Although supporting members don’t receive full voting rights, they are still important in our fight for trans rights, and benefit from a network of trans-led organisations.

Trans-led or trans-focused groups or trans activists in Europe and Central Asia can apply to be full members. Ally organisations, or trans activists or organisations operating outside of Europe and Central Asia can apply to be supporting members.

You can apply online. Our Board reviews all applications, and we’ll notify you as soon as they make a decision.

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