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We work with our members to provide essential advocacy, trans community building, and research into trans issues. Your support and donations help us continue and expand our work.

How does TGEU support trans rights?

TGEU is the largest trans-led organisation focused on trans rights in Europe and Central Asia. We organise, advocate, and research to support others in their work.


TGEU advocates for laws and policies that protect and support trans people. In 2022, we received the International Activism Award from the Ministry of Equality in Spain for our work on legal gender recognition. In 2023, we received the European Civic Forum award.

We also provide advocacy materials and tools. These help local activists and policymakers pass laws that protect and support trans people. Our legal gender recognition toolkit was used by policymakers in Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 

Finally, we’re also active in making HIV research, prevention, and care more trans-inclusive.


TGEU invests in building resilient and sustainable trans communities and movements. We provide a strong and diverse network of trans activists for our members. We also provide capacity building and skill-sharing opportunities. This includes the chance to sign up for one-on-one sessions with TGEU’s staff, as well as workshops throughout the year.

Every two years, we also host the largest gathering of trans activists in Europe and Central Asia, the European Trans Council.


TGEU performs and publishes essential research. This research uncovers key issues and needs of trans communities. We make this verified data publicly available to support activists and policymakers in creating laws and procedures that protect trans lives.

We have three flagship research projects:

  • Trans Murder Monitoring – this research tracks the numbers of trans and gender-diverse people murdered globally.
  • Trans Rights Index & Map – this legal mapping project tracks trans rights across 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia. It allows a clearer picture of progress and regress, year-by-year.
  • Trans Health Map – the project maps the access and availability of trans-specific healthcare in the EU. 

All of our work is geared to creating legal, social, and political change to improve the lives of trans people. Help us continue to do this by donating to our cause.

How can you donate?

Help us continue our work. We accept donations via:

  • Bank transfer
  • Account holder: Transgender Europe Bank name: GLS Bank
  • Bank address: Christstr. 9, D-44789 Bochum
  • IBAN: DE 66 43 06 09 67 11 53 79 62 00 

Please mark in the subject line whether it is a donation or membership payment.


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