Our vision

Transgender Europe envisions a Europe free from discrimination, where each person can live according to their gender identity and gender expression without interference and where trans people and their families are respected and valued.

Our mission

TGEU works for the equality of all trans people in Europe.

  • We give trans people a voice in Europe
  • We advocate for trans people’s human rights
  • We raise awareness on issues trans people are facing
  • We support a strong trans movement
  • We conduct and encourage research for the benefit of trans people
  • We are an active part of the international trans movement

Our history

TGEU was established on the first European Transgender Council in Vienna in November 2005 and formally registered as an Austrian charitable organisation 14 months later. Run as a volunteer organisation for many years TGEU established itself as legitimate voice of the trans community in Europe.

In 2008 we acquired our first independent project based funding, however it took until 2009 to hire first project staff (to implement the TvT project). In 2012 the General Assembly held in Dublin decided to move the seat of the organisation to Berlin, a process that was finalized with the closing of the Austrian association at the General Assembly held in Budapest in 2014.

Today, TGEU has an office in Berlin, ten members of staff and a Steering Committee of nine volunteers governing the organisation. We successfully continue to combine advocacy work on the European level with work on the national level in partnership with our members with and for local communities.


Executive Board 2016-2018

Clémence Zamora-Cruz


Clémence Zamora-Cruz, member of the Steering Committee since 2015, is a transfeminist activist of Mexican origin and French nationality. She has worked for many years for the rights of the LGBTI community in France. She worked as a radio presenter for a few years on the report “Clemence in Wonderland” within the program “Sid’Aventures”, fighting against transphobia and denouncing the discrimination that the LGBTI community suffers in France. She was Vice President of the Les Myriades Trans Association. Clémence acts as co-president of Acceptess-T, spokeswoman and trans officer for Inter-LGBT, and is active in the Paris International Tournament. In her professional work, Clémence is a teacher.

    Arian Kajtezović


    Arian Kajtezović was born in 1986 in Croatia, and holds a teaching degree in mathematics and physics, as well as a magisterial degree in computer science and mathematics. Arian spent many years of his life living in Canada and Bosnia and Herzegovina before moving back to Croatia in 2010, where he has been actively working on advancing trans* rights since 2011, being involved in the founding of Trans Aid in early 2012. He is currently one of three Co-chairs of Trans Aid. Arian has been on TGEU's Steering Committee since 2013 and became the Secretary in 2014. In 2017 Arian became the Treasurer of TGEU, and in 2018 one of the Co-Chairs. He aspires to dedicate much of his life working to achieve and ensure the highest standards of human rights for persons of all gender identities and gender expressions.

      Stein Wolff Frydenlund


      Stein Wolff Frydenlund, born in 1957 in Norway, joined the TGEU Steering Committee in 2014. Stein holds a Master’s degree in administration and organisation theory. In his professional life, he works as a lecturer in social sciences and the Norwegian language. As an activist, he was engaged in LGBT rights on a regional level for many years. He is also a member of the Amnesty International LGBTI network, both in Norway and at the international level. Today he is the head of the trans political committee of the Norwegian LGBT organisation – LLH.

        Ulrika Westerlund

        TGEU Secretary

        Ulrika Westerlund was born in 1972 in Stockholm, where she still lives. She was the president of RFSL, The Swedish federation of LGBTQ rights 2010-2016, where she focused on trans*rights, rights for asylum seeking LGBTQ people and family politics. For example Ulrika worked to remove the forced sterilization as a requirement for legal gender recognition in Sweden (law change in 2013), improved parental rights for trans*people and improved access to gender reaffirming health care. She has also been involved in the Advocacy Network of ILGA Europe.

        Ulrika is also on the board of the Swedish section of Amnesty International, and she is a member of the European Economic and Social Committee.

        Ulrika has a bachelor's degree in humanities, as well as a degree in journalism. She has worked for example as a freelance journalist, editor of a feminist magazine, project manager of an LGBTQ project at the public authority Living History Forum and as a secretary to a public investigation committee on diversity in the cultural sector.

          Steering Committee Members 2016-2018

          Vreer Verkerke

          J. Vreer Verkerke ("vreer" roughly translates to "mixter") is on board of TGEU's Steering Committee since 2012. Nationally they started out helping a trans support group in the 1990s, founded a semi-support, semi-action group (Noodles) in 2001, co-founded Transgender Netwerk Nederland in the following years and were TNN's first advocacy officer. In their daily work, they is doing (LGB)TI related human rights education and advocacy, among others through trainings and lectures. Since 2012, they focus strongly on depathologising trans* health care and forms part of GATE's ICD expert working group. With Principle 17 (after the Yogyakarta principle on the right to health) they intervene in the Dutch trans* health politics in order to finally have respectful and quality trans* specific health care.

            Nicole De Leo

            Nicole De Leo, lives in Bologna, and was born in 1958 in Italy. She graduated from the the Duse Studio Performing School in Rome, and in her professional life she works as an actress.

            Nicole was elected to the TGEU Steering Committee at the Council in Bologna in June 2016, and had been a participant at the Vienna & Malmö councils on behalf of M.I.T (Movimento Identità Transessuale) where she developed her experiencce in trans activism.

            As an activist Nicole has been carrying out mediation as a peer-educator on a project with sex-workers, with a particular study which collects data of in-door sex-work. She also takes care of counseling inside M.I.T. in regards to health-care, access to work and with particular attention to surgical issues.

            She was involved in Cultural and artistic experiences such as organization of  DIVERGENTI Transgender Film Festival in Bologna, performances, and readings connected to promote a different image of transsexual/transgender reality.

            Nicole can speak Italian, English, French, and German.

              Toryn Glavin

              Toryn Glavin was born in 1994 in Dublin, a city which she still calls home. She studied for a B.Sc. in Event Management and during her time in university was a founding member of the Irish Trans Student Alliance (ITSA). Toryn continued to run ITSA for over 3 years, supporting trans students and young people, before leaving the organisation in December 2016. Toryn has been employed by Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) since March 2016 as their full time Administrative Officer. She currently sits on the Gender Recognition Review Group convened by TENI, which bring together experts with an aim to advise government on how to improve Irish gender recognition legislation. She offers a youth perspective to the group.

                Previous Steering Committees


                Julia Ehrt

                Executive Director

                Julia has been involved in trans activism for more than 10 years. She has considerably shaped TGEU’s advocacy work, policy and organisational strategy. She has actively developed many contacts with decision makers and other stakeholders in the EU, the CoE and other governmental and non governmental organizations. She has represented TGEU and trans interests on numerous conferences and meetings.

                Julia has been involved in TGEU since the beginning in 2005 and contributed to the development of the organization as Steering Committee member, Vice- and Co-chair. During this period she has gained experience in chairing and leading an organization like TGEU.

                She holds a PhD in mathematics and lives with her partner and daughter in Berlin.

                Richard Köhler

                Senior Policy Officer; Deputy Executive Director

                Richard Köhler oversees TGEUs policy and advocacy work at the European level. He regularly speaks at institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe on a number of occasions, such as the historic meeting of Human Rights Commissioner’s trans expert meeting in 2008. He has been a sought expert on trans equality in Europe by policy makers and trans activists alike. Richard served as member in the interim board of EPATH - the European Professional Association for Transgender Health Care and of the German Equality Body's independent expert committee on gender. Richard is co-author of the Best Practice Catalogue Human Rights and Gender Identity and the toolkit "Legal Gender Recognition in Europe.

                He has been a trans activist within the European Transgender movement for more than a decade. As member of the steering committee of TGEU (2007-2010) he has continuously initiated change to develop the structure and policy of TGEU drawing from his wide experience in international project management and NGO consultancy. Richard has been vital to the organization of European Transgender Councils and trainings for the trans community.

                Previously, he managed projects supporting minority groups in the former Soviet Union with ILGA-Europe and German Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit – GiZ. He has a background in International Business Administration with specialization on NGOs in Russian-speaking countries. Richard speaks English, French, German and Russian and lives in Berlin.

                Moritz Sander

                Senior Financial Officer

                Moritz has been an active member of the Berlin transgender community for over ten years. He is a member of the Kingz of Berlin and former chairman of Wigstöckel – Transgender United! and has been a delegate to the Transgender Network Berlin for both organizations. He has organized and hosted shows/events and initiated workshops, talks and networking. Moritz has also worked as an assistant director for two German theatre companies and as a volunteer for an international student exchange program. Before joining the TGEU-team Moritz was employed as a management assistant in a consultancy/research institute.

                Moritz supports and develops the administration of TGEU.

                  Boglarka Fedorko

                  Project Manager

                  Boglarka joined TGEU in February 2014 as the project manager of the ProTrans project, aiming to better protect trans people and their communities in Europe against violence and impunity.

                  She is an archaeologist and economist by training, who is passionate about human rights and has been active in diverse fields, such as international education inclusion projects, Roma rights advocacy and sex worker empowerment. Prior to working at TGEU, she has developed and managed projects at the Open Society Foundations and various grassroots organisations in Hungary. She has experience in advocacy, training delivery and capacity-building work at national, European and UN levels, including on gender-based violence, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive rights and decriminalisation of sex work.

                  Mari-Liis Sepper

                  Policy Officer

                  Mari-Liis Sepper is a lawyer by training. From 2010 to 2015 she served as the Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner.  As the Commissioner she introduced strategic litigation into work of the equality body resulting in first ever trans person´s rights case before Estonian court. Mari-Liis also led the work of designing an equality measurement framework monitoring the progress towards equality across range of domains and in regards number of characteristics.

                  She was an Executive Board member of the European network of equality bodies Equinet 2013-2015.

                  Mari-Liis has taught human rights courses and is an author and editor of number of publications on gender equality and human rights, among them the commented edition of the Estonian Gender Equality Act. Since early 2000s she has collaborated with different women's groups and in previous years with organisations of people with disabilities, Estonian LGBT Union and Human Rights Centre.

                  Mari-Liis joined TGEU in 2017 as a Policy Officer.

                    Akim Giroux

                    Community Building Officer

                    Akim moved from France to join TGEU in February 2016. Akim has been working in different fields such as event managing, communication and has been an activist for trans rights, gender equality and anti-racism. He now works as a Community Building Officer. Through his work, he is  dedicated to strengthen and empower the trans communities on a European level, especially trans and queer people of color.

                    Akim speaks English and French.

                    Lukas Berredo

                    TvT Project Coordinator

                    Born and raised in Brazil, Lukas has lived seven years in Chile, two years in China, and is now based in Berlin, Germany. He has been a sexual and gender diversity advocate and educator since 2007. In Chile, he founded the Support Group for Transmen, and soon became a board member of Movement for Sexual Diversity. In China, he started the student organization Diversity and co-founded TRANScending Borders.

                    Lukas has a BA in "Social Communication", a diploma in "World Politics", a Master’s Degree in "International Relations and World History" from The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and a Graduate Certificate in "LGBT Health Policy & Practice" from the George Washington University.

                    As TvT Project Coordinator, Lukas supports the implementation of TGEU's work on a global level, in particular in the framework of the Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) research project.

                    Lukas speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

                    • Email Lukas Berredo

                    Mina Tolu

                    Communications Officer

                    Mina has been working in LGBTQ activism for the past 7 years; including through their work for We Are – the LGBTQI Youth & Student Organisation in Malta (2010 - 2014), and as a board member of IGLYO - the International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation (2014 - 2015). After completing studies in communications they coordinated a national referendum campaign for an environmental NGO in Malta.

                    Mina speaks English, Italian, German, and Maltese.

                    Annaluise van Delden

                    Annaluise van Delden

                    Operations Officer

                    Annaluise joined TGEU's team in August 2017 as the Operations Officer. As Operations Officer, she is responsible for coordinating TGEU membership, as well as supporting the financial and administrative duties of the office.

                    Annaluise is a mathematician and is passionate about human rights. Before joining TGEU she worked in a residential care home, volunteered in non-profit organisations, and has researched in the field of applied computer science.

                    Annaluise speaks German, English and Dutch.


                      Community Building Intern

                      Chloé joined TGEU's team in Berlin in March 2018. He has been involved for 3 years as an activist in the Paris-based Black feminist group MWASI. Chloé is dedicated to integrating intersectional perspectives into the struggles he contributes to.

                      He will be working on community building and the organisation of the 7th European Transgender Council.

                        Cianán Russell

                        UN Officer

                        As the UN Officer with Transgender Europe (TGEU), Cianán (pronoun: they) coordinates UN advocacy for TGEU and supports other projects within the Global Program, such as the TvT Project. Cianán received a Bachelor's degree in 2004 from the University of Iowa and a Doctorate in 2008 from Purdue University. Prior to joining the team at TGEU in 2018, Cianán worked for the Asia Pacific Transgender Network as the Human Rights & Advocacy Officer and on the teaching faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemistry. Cianán has expertise in qualitative and quantitative human subjects research methods, assessment, legal and policy analysis, and international human rights mechanisms. Cianán has worked in trans activism since 2001 in the US, Thailand, regionally in Asia and the Pacific, and now in Europe, and also serves on the Chapter Working Group on Terminology – Diagnostic Criteria Chapter Selection for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care v.8, on the Advisory Committee of Trans(Forming) (a trans people of color-led organization in Atlanta, GA, USA), on the Core Organising Team of the Trans Professional Association for Transgender Health (TPATH), and works in rape crisis and recovery for trans survivors assigned female at birth. In their free time, Cianán enjoys reading post-apocalyptic science fiction and language learning.



                          Find here TGEU statutes, activity reports, strategic plan and policies and a fact sheet.


                          Transgender Europe is a membership based organisation. TGEU currently has 105 member organisations in 42 different countries (September 2016).

                          Click here if you are interested in becoming a member.




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                          TGEU is grateful for the financial support received from the Rights, Equality & Citizenship Program of the European Union, the Open Society Foundations, the Dutch Government, the Arcus Foundation, the US State Department and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. Sole responsibility for contents lays with TGEU and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission, the Open Society Foundations, the Dutch Government, the Arcus Foundation, the US State Department or the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.