TGEU is a membership-based organisation which means members are the guiding voices of the organisation. Individuals and organisations can take part in the European and Central Asian trans movement through their membership.

200 Members,
48 Countries

TGEU has 200 member organisations and 252 individual members across Europe and Central Asia in 48 different countries. The membership includes a variety of groups from trans-led groups to LGBT organisations, non-binary focused groups, sex workers rights, trans refugees and more, all fighting for trans rights

Becoming a

Becoming a member makes you part of the European and Central Asian trans movement by getting exclusive updates, direct support, networking opportunities and covered trainings to strengthen your local activism. Click here for more information.

Latest members

Spirit Cultural NGO, Armenia

Is a transfeminine led group. Their work centres on capacity strengthening, psychosocial support and trans rights advocacy.

Gender stream, Ukraine

They work with trans people in Slovakia and Ukraine. The organisation provides direct services and psychosocial support.

Lesvos LGBTIQ Refugee Solidarity, Greece

Is a Queer volunteer refugee and allies-led initiative. They provide direct support, counselling, food, shelter and legal support to refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants on the  Greek Island of Lesvos.

Trans Refugee Alliance Athens, Greece

Is a newly established Trans feminine  Black and People of Colour (TBPoC ) refugee-led group. They mainly focus on direct service provision and psychosocial support for trans-feminine refugees and asylum seekers.

Rede ex aequo, Portugal

The organisation´s main target is trans youth and adolescents. They provide awareness-raising training and capacity-strengthening activities.

Trans Amsterdam, Netherlands

They work with trans artists around the world focusing on art, development and creating trans-friendly arts platforms.


Aleanca LGBTI  icon-twitter-over

PINK Embassy / LGBT Pro Albania



“Bekum” Democracy Support Center icon-fb-over

Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protectionicon-fb-overicon-twitter-over

National Trans Coalition (NTC)icon-fb-over

Right Side NGO icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Spirit Cultural NGOicon-fb-over

We for Civil Equality


TransX icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


TG House icon-fb-over


çavaria icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Genres Pluriels genrespluriels.beicon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Fédération Prismeicon-fb-over

Transgender Info point icon-fb-over

RainbowHouse Brussels icon-fb-over

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Trans BiH icon-fb-over

Project Solidarity!


Bilitis Resource Center Foundation icon-fb-over

LGBTI Deystvie icon-fb-over

Single Step Foundation icon-fb-over


Project Solidarity!

QueerUp! Instagram: @kvir.up

Trans Aid Croatia icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Zagreb Pride icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


ACCEPT-LGBT Cyprus icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Envision Diversity

Queer Cyprus Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Czech Republic

TransFusion z.s. icon-fb-over

TRANS*PARENT icon-fb-over


LGBT Denmark icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

The Association for Support for Transgender Children (FSTB) icon-fb-over

Trans Action icon-fb-over

Transpolitisk Forum


Estonian LGBT Association icon-fb-over  Feministeerium (NGO Oma Tuba) icon-fb-over


DreamwearClub ry icon-fb-over

HeSeta  icon-twitter-over

Rainbow Families – Regnbågsfamiljer ry icon-fb-over

Setary icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Transfeminins association icon-fb-over

TransAmbassadors Finland  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Trasek ry icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Care, Struggles, Workshops, Rages (Clar-T ) icon-fb-over

Front-transfem:  icon-twitter-over

HES Homosexualities and Socialism icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Transgender Accepts icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Trans Health Area icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Queer Association – TEMIDA icon-fb-over

Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group,, icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Association of people with variant of sex development (VDGE)icon-fb-overicon-twitter-over

German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality icon-fb-over

Federal Working Group Inter Trans of the United Services Trade Union ver.di icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

German Federal Transorganisation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

HXM Hanse-X-Men icon-fb-over

Gay Counselling Berlin gGmbH icon-fb-over

TIN-Rechtshilfe   icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

TransInterQueer e.V. icon-fb-over

Trans Recht e.V. – Solinetz Bremen and Umzu icon-fb-over

Transistor Community Brandenburg icon-fb-over

 Trans*support | Fachstelle für trans* Beratung und Bildung


Colour Youth – Athens LGBTQ Youth Community colouryouth.gricon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Emantes – International Lgbtqia+ Solidarity icon-fb-over

Greek LGBT PwD icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Greek Transgender Support Association icon-fb-over

Lesvos LGBTIQ Refugee Solidarityicon-fb-over

Proud seniors Greece icon-fb-over

Trans Refugee Alliance Athens


Prism icon-fb-over

Transvanilla Transgender Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Trans-Iceland icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


BeLonGTo Youth Service  icon-fb-over  icon-twitter-over

Transgender Equality Network Ireland icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Trans Limerick Communityicon-twitter-over


Arcigay, Italian LGBT Association  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Arcigay Palermo icon-fb-over

GenderLens  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Gender X icon-fb-over

MIT icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Libellula ODV


Alma-TQ icon-fb-over

Human Health Institute icon-fb-over

My Docha: Is an initiative led by and supports transgender sex workers in Kazakhstan.

Krёlex zentre: Is a queer artistic initiative founded by Kazakh artists in Almaty around 2012. Since then it functions as a small imaginary art institution with various number of participants and diverse spectrum of cultural activities.


Centre for Equality and Liberty for the LGBT (CEL) icon-fb-over


Labrys icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

MyrzAym Initiative Group: Is an initiative for and led by transgender people.


Queer Safer Spaceicon-fb-over


Association Lithuanian Gay League icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Intersex & Transgender Luxembourg asbl icon-fb-over

Rosa Lëtzebuerg ASBL. icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


LGBTI+ Joy icon-fb-over

Malta Gay Rights Movement icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Spectrum Association icon-fb-over

LGBT Forum Progress icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

LGBT Social Center icon-fb-over

Queer Montenegro icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

APARTMENT icon-fb-over

Juventas icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Principle 17 icon-fb-over

StichtingEqualA Foundation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

T-Netherlands icon-fb-over


TransAmsterdam icon-fb-over

Transgender Network Netherlands icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Stichting Transman icon-fb-over

TransMotion Foundation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Trans United Netherlands icon-fb-over

Transvisie icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

North Macedonia

LGBT United Tetovo icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Transforma icon-fb-over


Association of Transgendered People in Norway icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Oslo and Akershus icon-fb-over

The Norwegian Patient Organization for Gender Incongruence icon-fb-over

Queer Youth Norway icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Boiling point Foundationicon-fb-over

Trans-Fuzja Foundation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Association for Identity icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

GRIT – Group of Reflection and Intervention about Transexuality icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Rede ex aequo

TransMission: Trans and Non-Binary Association icon-fb-over

TransParente icon-fb-over


ACCEPT Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Asociatia MozaiQ LGBTicon-fb-over

Identity Education icon-fb-over

SexWorkCall icon-fb-over

The New Pagan Dawn icon-fb-over

TRANSform icon-fb-over

TransCore Initiative Group icon-fb-over


“Coming Out” LGBT Initiative Group icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Foundation Transgender icon-fb-over

Human to Human Initiative Group icon-fb-over

Russian LGBT Network

Social Project for Transgender People “LAVERNA”

Centre -T

Transgender Legal Defense Project icon-fb-over

Service project for transgender people and their close ones “T9 NSK”

Service project for transgender people “T*Revers”  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Alliance in favor of equality SAFE


Geten, Center for LGBTIQA People’s Rights icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Citizen Association EGAL icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

TOTA (Trans Trans Aktivista_kinja)

ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for the Western Balkans and Turkey  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

XY Spectrum icon-fb-over


TransFusion icon-fb-over


Cultural, informational and counselling centre Legebitra icon-fb-over

Kvartir icon-fb-over

Trans Kvartir

TransAction icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


ACATHI icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Association of Sex Professionals icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Andalucia Transsexual Association – Sylvia Rivera icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Chrysallis Association of Transgender Minor Families icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

I collect “LAS TRANS (…)”

Lambda Valencia collective icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Daniela Foundation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

euphoria. Trans-Allied Families icon-fb-over

Fuzzy Sets – Trans Autonomy icon-fb-over

FELGTB Trans Policy Group icon-fb-over

No Binaries España icon-fb-overicon-twitter-over

Sex worker Organisation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

TransDiversidad icon-fb-over



Dhama & Martia icon-fb-over  

Queerstion (Voices of trans refugees) icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQ Rights  icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over icon-twitter-over

The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights – icon-fb-over

The Transgender Association FPES icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Transhälsan icon-fb-over

Trans Fest Stockholm  icon-fb-over

Transammans – Förbundet för transpersoner och närstående icon-fb-over


Agnodice Foundation

Transgender Network Switzerland icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


Equal opportunities icon-fb-over

Peri icon-fb-over


Black Pink Triangle Izmir Association icon-fb-overicon-twitter-over

Counseling Center For Transgender People t-der.orgicon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Istanbul LGBT icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Mersin LGBT 7 Renk Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Social Policies Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Young LGBTI Youth Studies And Solidarity Association icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Üniversiteli Kuir Araştırmaları ve Lezbiyen Gey Biseksüel Trans İnterseks Dayanışma icon-fb-overicon-twitter-over


Gender streamicon-fb-over

HPLGBT icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Insight icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

NGO Cohort

Trans*Generation icon-fb-over


Focus: The identity trust icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Gendered Intelligence icon-twitter-over

Gender Identity Research Education Society (GIRES) icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Non-Binary+ Northern Ireland icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Queer & Trans Inclusion Partnership CIC LTD icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

The Metro Centre Limited icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Spirit Level Transgender Association icon-fb-over

Scottish Transgender Alliance – Equality Network icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Stonewall Equality Limited icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

TransActual CIC

TransgenderNI icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

UK Trans Info icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over


The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Youth & Student Organisation icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Network of European LGBT Families Associations icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Trans* Network Balkan icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over

Post-Soviet Trans Coalition icon-fb-over icon-twitter-over