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Two Trans Women Will Take up a Seat in the German Parliament

TGEU warmly congratulates Tessa Ganserer and Nyke Slawik, the first out trans members of the next German parliament. The two women, from Bavaria and North Rhine Westphalia respectively, moved into the Parliament through lists of the German Green Party.

Although this win sends a signal of hope for trans communities in Germany and beyond, it does not relieve parliamentarians of their duty to improve trans people’s lives. Reforms supporting trans rights in the country are long overdue, including the replacement of a 40-year-old gender recognition law, the depathologisation of healthcare, the recognition of trans parenthood, the protection of trans refugees, and the increase in resources and support. Trans people cannot wait any longer.

With the ruling coalition of Conservatives and Social Democrats failing trans people for the last four years, Greens and Liberals will likely be partners in the next government. TGEU calls upon them to keep the promises made on their election campaigns. 

Trans people are amongst the most marginalised communities in Europe, targeted by an unprecedented anti-equality backlash. Trans people need real change. The next German government needs to be a strong engine for social justice and human rights for all – internally and externally.