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TGEU Calls for Action Against Russian Aggression in Ukraine

After 8 years of undeclared war in Eastern Ukraine, today Russia officially announced a “military operation” and began a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. Russian troops and tanks have crossed the borders; Ukrainian cities are being bombed.

TGEU condemns the Russian military aggression. We are also deeply concerned with the consequences of the war for human rights in Ukraine and all across Europe and Central Asia. We are in solidarity with our members, activists, human rights defenders, and all people in Ukraine. We are committed to support trans people and groups and to protect human rights in Ukraine.

  • We call upon the European Union and all governments in Europe to extend every possible support to people fleeing the war. Resettlement programmes and simplified asylum procedures are crucial at this time. We also urge decision makers to particularly ensure that the human rights of vulnerable people, such as trans people, are protected in this process.
  • We appeal to international bodies, especially the EU, the Council of Europe, and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to promptly apply sanctions against Russia.
  • We call upon activists to urge their national governments to take swift and coordinated political, diplomatic, and economic action against Russia.
  • We call upon all individuals, communities, and organisations to support Ukrainians both in Ukraine and abroad. For the time ahead, it will be important to keep on sharing credible information about the situation in Ukraine to not allow this aggression and any resulting human rights violations go unnoticed.

At TGEU we are currently evaluating the situation and will share further information on how to best support trans people in Ukraine.