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EU Commission Takes Hungary to Court Over Homo- And Transphobic Law

TGEU welcomes that the EU Commission is taking the Hungarian government to Court. The contested law prohibits positive depiction of homosexuality and gender reassignment towards children. The Commission’s complaint says the law breaches EU law.

The law is in stark contrast to its stated intention of protecting children’s wellbeing and fighting sexualised violence against children. Providing information on transitioning and giving terms to what many trans children experience in isolation is a life changer for many kids. Trans and gender-diverse children need information and assurance that they are okay the way they are. This is true for trans children and for their cis peers.

In Russia it could be observed that similar laws made it nearly impossible to speak about trans identities and LGBTIQ topics in the public in adequate terms.

Taking legal steps is overdue. Anti-trans hatred has no space in the law books in a member state of the EU.