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Meritocracy and Other Bullsh*T Narratives – Panel at the 7th European Transgender Council

Meritocracy and Other Bullsh*t Narratives

Live stream of panel

Speaking order 

Akim (Community Building, TGEU staff): Introduction to the panel.

Mina Tolu (Communications, TGEU staff): Anti-Activity Report.

Dinah Bons: Invisibilised, Underserved, and Over-Policed, by our own.

Ellen Murray: No one disabled comes here anyway – exclusion of disabled people in trans rights movements.

Ava McQueen: Stories of seeking asylum as a trans person of colour in Belgium.

Sanjar Kurmanov: The perspective of Central Asian and Eastern European activists in Western-dominated trans-activism and the demands from Central Asian trans activists to TGEU and the trans movement.

Nathan Gale: “performing intersectionality”.

Carter Honoree: Visa issues and how European organisations and activists don’t know how to work with activists from Africa and the rest of the world.