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TGEU Releases Progress Report on the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025

TGEU launched its 2022 progress report on the the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and its key action items for trans people.

Key message

TGEU is concerned that while the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy mentions trans people and their specific needs, this has not translated into sufficient concrete action that protects trans people.

Why this report?

This is the second edition of TGEU’s annual progress report on the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy, focusing on its action items for trans people. The goal is to keep trans activists and other stakeholders informed of how the European Commission is tracking towards its goals for the trans community, as stated in the strategy itself.

What can I find in it?

The 2022 Progress Report contains TGEU’s assessment of how the strategy is delivering (or not) for trans people in the EU, as well as an update of what has been achieved toward the biggest highlights that we identified in our first report.

We also include examples of how TGEU has been supporting the implementation of the strategy and our recommendations to relevant policymakers. Finally, we comment on other features of the strategy that were highlighted in our first report and present a table of main pieces of legislation and their status.

Main findings

Two years into implementation of the strategy, the biggest legislative proposals are either blocked or are set to leave out any explicit mention of trans people. Certain activities such as good practice exchanges have taken place, but need to be regularly repeated to ensure continued progress is achieved. Meanwhile, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics are missing from many initiatives.

Now, halfway through the strategy’s timeline, TGEU is concerned that it will fail trans people in the EU, among the most vulnerable and marginalised group of people in the Union. This all while trans communities are still recovering from the COVID pandemic, dealing with the reality of war in Ukraine, and influential anti-gender groups opposed to trans rights are impacting laws, budget allocations, and the safety of trans people on the streets.

With this progress report, we hope to keep trans activists informed and hold the European Commission accountable to the communities it intends to serve.