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Supporting Those Who Speak Up for Trans Rights: Safety and Security Toolkits

Trans activists are often more visible, which can increase safety and security risks. TGEU commissioned two toolkits to help trans activists and organisations understand and reduce safety risks.

How can these safety and security toolkits help trans activists?

The toolkits can provide guidance on how to protect trans activists and allies. They are designed for activists who openly support trans rights and speak against anti-gender and anti-trans movements. In other words, activists who may face backlash.

The toolkits draw on collective knowledge from existing safety resources within and outside the trans community. Inside, you’ll find many adaptable resources. These cover general safety and security principles and concepts. They go on to lay out practical steps to identifying plans relevant to trans-specific situations. There are also a set of handouts which can be used as standalone tools and exercises. 

Key topics include:

  • How to prevent safety and security incidents from occurring
  • How to respond to incidents if they occur
  • Ways to mitigate risks and threats through various planning tools. 

Who are these toolkits for?

Trans people, especially those who engage in activism, tend to be at higher risk. These toolkits are designed to address that, and specifically written for trans activists. They include material tailored to threats that trans activists or organisations may face. They can be used to help create safe living and working environments. There are two versions, one for individual trans activists and one for organisations supporting trans rights. 

  • Supporting Those Who Speak Up for Trans Rights: Safety and Security Toolkit for Individual Activists — resources for activists working as individuals.
  • Supporting Those Who Speak Up for Trans Rights: Safety and Security Toolkit for Trans Rights Organisations — resources for both activists working with organisational support, and trans-led organisations.

They can also be useful allies working to support trans rights.

How to use these toolkits to increase safety & security

Both resources can be read in their entirety. However, they are also designed to work as reference guides to come back to as needed.

They include a series of practical tools throughout. The most useful tools are formatted as handouts. If you only need resources for specific issues, each handout is available as a separate PDF.

How can I get a copy of the report?

If you would like to receive either report, please email with the subject line: Safety and Security Toolkit.

Please specify if you would like to receive the Toolkit for individuals or organisations.