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On TDoR 2018 “We Will Not Forget Those of Our Siblings That We Have Lost to Violence”

A statement on the Trans Day of Remembrance from TGEU’s Steering Committee & Board

This year, on the Trans Day of Remembrance, Transgender Europe (TGEU) seeks to highlight those experiences of trans lives that are most under-represented within our trans communities. Trans people within our own communities who are unemployed, sex workers, disabled, living with HIV, Roma, refugees, asylum seekers and living as undocumented persons. Who experience institutional discrimination, Racism and xenophobia in ways that intersectionally intertwine deeply within our lives. Consequently, we live in poverty, we are over-policed, we are criminalised, and many of us end up imprisoned, and detained.

TGEU’s Board and Staff embody many of these struggles, and we center the experiences of those amongst us who are from these marginalised communities into our vision. It is our task and our duty to build connections and dialogue with those communities within Europe, Central Asia and globally to advocate for intersectional justice and inclusion of invisibilised communities.

On this Trans Day of Remembrance, like every other day we fight and we resist.

We will not forget those of our siblings that we have lost to this violence.

We will honour them in our work. And we commit to work with under-represented communities, to center these voices and experiences, for only in this way will there be justice for all trans people, and a future where we all are safe.

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