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The State of Trans-specific Healthcare in the EU

This report unpacks the data behind our Trans Health Map 2022. It clarifies the availability and accessibility of trans healthcare in the EU.

What’s in the report?​

This report on the state of trans healthcare in the EU provides more detail on and explores some nuances in access to trans-specific healthcare (TSHC) using additional data gathered during the preparation of the Trans Health Map. Our aim is to better understand why trans-specific healthcare is more or less accessible in some EU Member States.

We look into a number of issues, such as:

  1. The legal basis for the provision of trans-specific healthcare and cost coverage
  2. Who provides trans healthcare
  3. Reasons for not providing trans-specific healthcare
  4.  Wait time for a first appointment
  5. Frequency of hormone shortages
  6. Travelling abroad to access trans-specific healthcare
  7. Paying for cost of care abroad
  8. Awareness about the EU cross-border healthcare directive.

Who is this report for?

This document is for anyone who is interested in how trans-specific healthcare is provided in EU countries and understanding some of the main challenges to provision and access. This report would be most relevant to EU and national policymakers who work on healthcare, healthcare providers, and trans activists who are interested in healthcare access.


Based on the data, TGEU calls on individual EU member states and the EU Commission to set up a full-fledged research project to delve further into the issue raised in this report. 

In particular, we call for concrete steps to depathologise access to trans-specific healthcare, in line with the World Health Organisation’s ICD-11.