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Trans Women Win Right to Recognition in Macedonian Court

The Administrative Court in Macedonia decided this week in two cases that the trans women claimants had the right to documents reflecting their gender identity, and ordered the authorities to make the relevant changes.

The Coalition Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities that has initating one of the cases expressed optimism that the Court decision will pressure administrative bodies to now also resolve other pending cases. However, the Coalition will continue to monitor closely the execution of the judgement. Macedonia lacks robust gender recognition procedures. Relevant ministries have notoriously used this loophole to delay applications for gender recognition endlessly.

Currently, the case of a trans man from Macedonia is pending before the European Court of Human Rights. He is asking for the recognition of his gender identity and the introduction of quick, transparent and accessible gender recognition procedures, based on self-determination, for the country.

TGEU has been supporting the Coalition’s advocacy efforts as well as its strategic litigation.

Read our Third Party Intervention in X v Macedonia (Application no. 29683/16)