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UN Trans Advocacy Week 2023

UN Trans Advocacy Week is a week for trans advocacy and learning at the UN. It is led by a coalition of trans-led and focused organisations. During this week, we go to Geneva for the UN Human Rights Council. There we highlight trans issues, teach, and learn about advocacy relying on UN mechanisms. 

By bringing trans people into UN spaces, we remind UN actors that trans people exist and are deserving of equal rights. Beyond this, we proactively speak on our rights, and build the skill of trans activists from around the world.

What does TGEU do?

Every year, TGEU – and each of the organising partners – bring trans activists to the UN. This year, TGEU’s activists are from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. They will join an international group of trans activists to:

  • Bring trans presence & perspective to UN sessions, reminding UN actors of their needs and intervening if possible
  • Learn how to use UN Human Rights Mechanisms in their own activism
  • Network and build support with the other participants
  • Learn how to more effectively campaign for trans rights in workshops.

This provides hands-on learning for how to use the UN to advocate for trans rights. 

Webinars & workshops

This year, in the leadup to Trans Advocacy Week, we’re hosting three online webinars and a  workshop in Geneva. These are designed to ensure  activists are ready to, and skilled in, advocating for their rights and build communication campaigns. The online webinars are free and open to the general public.

WEBINAR: From Elevator Pitch to Policy 

30 May, 11:00 to 12:30 CEST

This dynamic webinar taught trans activists how to  become  better communicators. Participants improved their ability to:

  • persuade key decision-makers
  • advocate for the rights of trans people
  • effectively promote their cause.

Miles Tanhira (he/him), Senior Programmes Officer at TGEU, led the training.

WEBINAR: UN Human Rights Mechanisms with Helen Nolan 

9 June, 11:00 – 12:30 CEST

From basics to practise, learn how to use UN Human Rights Mechanisms to protect fundamental rights! Helen Nolan (she/her), a Human Rights Officer working in the UN, led this webinar, providing hands-on insights for trans advocacy.

WEBINAR: Inclusive Communications 

15 June, 11:00 – 12:30 CEST

Craft messaging that leaves no one behind! Farah Abdi (she/her), Policy Officer for Asylum at TGEU, led participants through how to develop communications that speak to trans people across intersectional identities.

WORKSHOP IN GENEVA: Anti-Gender Messaging

During Trans Advocacy Week, we will hold a workshop on how to recognise, counter, and plan for anti-gender and anti-trans narratives and attacks. This workshop is reserved for the trans activists and organisations attending Trans Advocacy Work.

During the interactive workshop, attendees will learn and and build skills around:

  • An understanding of the anti-gender movement as a trans-national phenomenon
  • An overview of the anti-trans narratives these movements rely on
  • Adaptable counter-narratives to tackle anti-gender arguments in context
  • Tools to interrogate anti-gender and anti-trans organising,  and build practical plans in preparation for any attacks.

This workshop will be facilitated by Sebastian Rowlands, Farah Abdi, and Daniyar Orsekov.

Trans Advocacy Week is organised by: