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Anti-trans Violence Reporting Tool: Uwazi Guidelines for Trans Rights Advocacy

Uwazi is an innovative online platform for data management. It is designed for:

  • Human rights advocates
  • Researchers
  • Organisations

The tool makes sensitive data and documents related to human rights easier to:

  • Manage
  • Analyse
  • Collaborate
  • Share

What’s in this guide?

This report provides a guide on how to use Uwazi to get the most from your data. In addition to an overview of the platform, you can find dedicated sections on:

  • Getting Started with Uwazi
  • Document Management: Uploading and Organising
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • Best Practices for Document Security and Privacy

There are also resources to learn more, and two real-world case studies. These cover how TGEU uses Uwazi for our Anti-Trans Violence and Trans Murder Monitoring projects.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is specifically designed for human rights advocates collaborating on TGEU’s projects – the Anti-Trans Violence and Trans Murder Monitoring projects.

If you would like to become a collaborator on these projects, please reach out to

However, this information can be useful to any human rights defender using Uwazi or who works with a lot of sensitive data.

Additional languages

This content and the guide is also available in Spanish and Portuguese.