Trans people need accessible and quality healthcare, just like everybody else. However, many trans people do not see a doctor because they fear discrimination, lack health insurance or economic means, and/or do not know where to turn to. Some trans people might wish to access trans-specific healthcare, including hormonal, surgical, psychological, or other medical treatment.

TGEU works towards ensuring that trans people can enjoy the highest standard of trans-specific healthcare and have equal access to general healthcare.

Being trans is not an illness, yet some medical guidelines and professionals still consider it to be a mental disorder. TGEU therefore works for the depathologisation of trans people, to ensure that trans identities are no longer considered mental health conditions.

To achieve these aims, we build on our own and our members’ capacity to engage with European institutions and other stakeholders to address gaps in trans people’s access to healthcare. We also contribute actively to having trans identities removed from the mental health section of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Equal access to healthcare is also closely related to our work on non-discrimination.